Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Here are some random cool things for yall to know.

What would Anne Boleyn Do? Well now you can ask her in person.
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Yeah, she's really good at all kinds of advice. ;)

Anyways, I was bored one day and I found an awesome article about toys from my childhood. Well actually, they were toy fads. You know, like Pokemon, Furbies, Trolls, TMNT, etc. After I looked through all of them I looked at the comments, which were overwhelmingly nostalgic. It's awesome how childhood memories can bring people together, even if it is just a toy. You can find a similar article here:
Between my friends and I, the major toys and cartoons we were into were Spongebob (of course) and Pokemon. Oh come on, you know you liked Pokemon. Who didn't?
Yes, this is a chart of some of the original Pokemon. I'm telling you, my friends and I were OBSESSED with these little creatures. Of course, we all had crushes on Ash. He was a little animated cutie. Someone said she had a crush on Brock, which is weird because he just stood there and chased after girls.
Ok, so the other favorite cartoon of our childhoods was Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously, I STILL watch Spongebob. One does not realize how hilarious that little sponge is until they have seen these certain scenes (Not in order of awesomeness):
1. The Striped Sweater Song -- Every time I even think of it, I have to start singing it. It's an instant classic.
2. Weenie Hut General -- So basically, there's this place called Weenie Hut Jr's, which is a hot dog restaurant for nerds. Then, Spongebob gets hurt and he has to go to the medical counterpart "Weenie Hut General."
3. Band Geeks -- This entire episode makes me laugh. From the baton twirlers colliding with a blimp, to Spongebob's "lucky" dance, to the awesome performance at the end of the episode, it is truly hilarious. Here's the FULL EPISODE:
4. Training Video -- The Krusty Krab Training Video gives you all the possible knowledge you need of how to be a cashier, fry cook, etc. And the real meaning of "poop." Here's the link:

Ok, I'm done for now.
"Fancy livin, here we come! LA LA LA LA LAAAAAA"


  1. Oh! What a lovely surprise to wake up to! I am very honoured. And I love Spongebob! Classic!

    Anne x