Friday, January 14, 2011


PROM... Oh dear God...

Prom will be here before I know it, so I have been looking for dresses already. So far, I've narrowed down the type of style I want to 50s inspired, knee length or higher, and simply unique. My favorite's so far are:
Both of these adorable dresses are found on Heartbreaker, which makes 50s and 60s-inspired clothing.
Muy Caliente DressWithout Equal Dress
These two were found on Modcloth, which sells both retro-inspired clothing and vintage pieces.

I have decided to give up on finding a long dress, because frankly I won't ever wear it again. Believe me, if I go on the red carpet I'll wear something by McQueen ;)

I've also been searching for shoes! yyyyaaaaayyyyyyy
The first pair is by Alexander McQueen (I die, I die) and the second is by Christian Louboutin (meh).

I love the shoes that are out now. They're so kick-ass. But since spikey shoes seem to be all high-end, there's no way I am getting any. (sigh)

I found these AWESOME ZOMBIE SHOES at Pin Up Girl Clothing!!! I swear, they have the coolest, nerdiest, unique-est shoes!!! And, they're super cheap ;)

Ok, on to accessories. Jewelry? Corsages? Hair Styles?
Alright. Here's a breakdown:

Awesome Dinosaur NecklaceSpock Star Trek Necklace
Awesome nerdy jewelry. These sweet necklaces are by MadWorldProductions on Etsy.

I decided I kinda don't want a corsage. Yeah, not really my style. ;)

This part always bugs me.... How come in pictures showing the "ideal prom girl," the model always has long hair that is put up swiftly into a bun. What about the rest of us who don't have hair that can do that?

Well, I hope I didn't completely bore you. Gracias amigos ;)

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