Monday, January 24, 2011

more amazing artists

Here are even more amazing artists. Once again, I found them on deviantArt.

Mysterious Dark Mind by Wee--ell

Sairandhri by Mattahan
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Eddie Ochoa (Brownboots)
Losing His ID by Brian Jørgensen (Pinday)

Emerald Fish and the Jade Sea by Jon (Borruen)

Forest Creatures by Jel Ena (medusainfurs)

Black Sea by William Chua (xiaobaosg)

Owl Procession by FoxyCharlie

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fan Alt by Alexander Wright (cassodinero)

Star Soup by Ben Poulsen (whalewithlegs)

Feather by Lynn (LimeKink)

Her Hearts by Pearleyed

Buffalo. by Isabel (pommepourritte)

Electric Feel by Net (Setsuna-37)

Kaska by Akumu-Kurai

Louder Than Bells by Ariel Stater (Paimonerra)

Oh gosh I'm so tired now. I'll put up some more in a couple months haha :D

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