Saturday, January 29, 2011

what time is it...

It's time for winter formal! Unfortunately, I can't make it to formal this year.... maybe next time.

Anyways, as you can tell from past posts, I greatly enjoy looking at really really cool formal dresses. I also enjoy looking at really really REALLY awful dresses. So, for your (and my) entertainment, here are some really good and bad winter formal dresses. Enjoy ;)
Black and White Dot Dress JN-1166Sherri Hill Strapless Tulle Dress SH-1002
Left: If it was longer, it would be really, really cute!
Right: Ok, first of all the sash cuts off her boob. Why is she pulling up her skirt?

Elegant Black One Shoulder Dress BL-C018Sexy Form Fitting Dress JZ-4210
Left: Very cute and classy! Nice ;)
Right: Look, I'm all for a knock-off Herve Leger dress, but this one just isn't good.

Red V-neck Homecoming Dress BL-C003Strapless Sweetheart Jasz Dress JZ-4208
Left: Very cool.... Why do these models pull up their skirts!?!
Right: Ay Caramba

Strapless Rose Embellished Dress SH-22233/4 Sleeve Sequin Dress AP-091847490
Left: Well, at least it's kinda different. A little too bridal though.
Right: whoa......

One Shoulder Dress by Scala Scala-P4052sCarrie Underwood Inspired Homecoming Dress JO-158975
Left: It's kinda cool... unique maybe?
Right: I choked on my spit when I saw this.

Carrie Underwood Inspired White Party Dress PL-1068Jovani Dress 7757 JO-7757
Left: "Inspired by Carrie Underwood"... Marilyn Monroe anyone?
Right: "Inspired by Britney Spears".... nuff said

Sexy Print Dress by Jasz JZ-4109Sexy Print Dress by Jasz JZ-4109
There's no way anyone can justify what's going on with this dress.

Ok, I'm done now ;)

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  1. umm sophia i kinda love ur blog. i started reading it again today :)
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