Sunday, February 6, 2011


Haven't talked about music in a while! Here we gooooooo....

I love Pandora. It's a super well-known website that makes customized radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, etc. I favorite stations are Ok Go, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Ting Tings, Miss Li, and Vampire Weekend. Of course, I have numerous other stations, but those are the main ones I listen to.
I have bought so many of the songs that come up on Pandora, it's awesome! Here are some of my fave artists that I found from listening to Pandora:

I've had their "Oh No" album for quite some years, and a lot of Ok Go's other songs come up constantly on Pandora. Not only is they're music awesome, but they take fashion risks. ;) I love their songs, especially: "This Too Shall Pass," "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips," and "This Will Be Our Year." Ooooh and "WTF" too.

You might not recognize her name, but you will definately recognize Regina Spektor's music. In fact, her songs "Us" and "Hero" were featured in 500 Days of Summer. I'm pretty sure her music was also on Ugly Betty numerous times, but I'm not sure. I love "Radio" and "Fidelity" by her, also.

The Fratellis have been extremely popular in Europe (esp. the U.K.) but only somewhat in the U.S. You probably know they're song "Chelsea Dagger." I love "Flathead," "Whistle for the Choir," and "Baby Fratelli" too. Also, they are partly named after the villainous famiy from The Goonies! '80s movie reference!

Ok, so Daft Punk is super well-known to pretty much anybody under the age of 30. At first, I didn't really like they're songs all that much, but now I truely understand them. Plus, they're so futuristic. I love "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."

Dan Black is most well-known for his hit single "Symphonies," which fuses the addictive beat from "Umbrella" by Rihanna and Jay-Z, and the clean, crisp voices from a choir. Not only are his songs unique and interesting, but also Black's album covers are quite awesome. "Life Slash Dreams" and "Let Go" and pretty cool too. ;)

Zee Avi uses her Borneo roots to influence her cute songs about love, life, and fun. I love her song, "Kantoi," mostly because I can't really understand what it says, but it sounds really neat. She's like Taylor Swift, but awesomer and unique-er.

Anya Marina is an actress, singer, songwriter, and comic. Her songs constantly come up on Pandora for me (under the Miss Li station), and I especially love her song "Move You." Also, her voice makes her music quite unique.

Lastly, Vermillion Lies is perhaps the least-known group out of this list of performers. They're quirky and crazy songs remind the listener of a Tim Burton movie set under a circus big top. I love "Circus Fish" and "Circus Apocalypse" by the duo. Whenever I hear they're songs I just have to sing along and participate in the awesome kookiness.

There ya go! Please, please listen to these awesome singers and bands.

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