Saturday, February 12, 2011

time-wasters, fashion philosophy, and true fandom

More about fashion I suppose....

I submitted two more designs to Garmz so please, please, please vote for my designs!
Here's my 50s inspired prom dress:

And here's my Egyptian inspired prom gown:
If my designs get enough votes, they might even be made into actual clothing pieces! Which would be awesome ;)

Anyways, another cool fashion website is Polyvore, where you can create customized outfits for whatever theme you choose. It's really cool and neat, but at times can be kinda a time-waster, like garmz.

On that note, I have been on lookville recently and posted some questions... I swear, some of the people on that site are so serious about fashion. Why not be crazy with your outfits a little? People don't seem to realize that fashion is about taking risks and surprising you with unique and new ideas that have never been seen before. Unfortunately, some people do not understand that and choose to believe that only trends of the moment can be "fashionable." Those people need to save themselves before they start looking like they walked out of Wet Seal. (hint hint)

What to talk about now... hmmm.... I'll think of something eventually...

BEING HUMAN COMES BACK ON THE 19TH IN THE U.S. I am soooo excited :)
If you haven't seen that show you better start now. Like NOW... It is so good.

Oh, and I have been watching the American Being Human on Syfy as well. I like it, but it's not as awesome as the British one. Even though Josh the werewolf is quite funny. ;)

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  1. That prom gown is beautiful. Did you ever end up actually making it?

    On a completely irrelevant note, I just noticed your picture on the side and you are ridiculously pretty.