Monday, December 20, 2010

oh your sweater is so delightful

The holidays are here (finally) so I suppose I should talk about holiday stuff.
And boy there are a lot of things to talk about.
This has like NEVER happened before. By the time the Christmas episode comes to America, it usually airs around March and that's not nearly as fun as watching it on Christmas Day. I am soooooo excited.
In other TV news, Christmas Specials are airing on pretty much every channel known to mankind. Just last week The Office seasonal episode entertained audiences through Dwight and Jim's snowball "battle" and Michael's ongoing heartbreak with Holly. On Community, viewers got to see into Abed's complex mind through clay animation.

Ok that's enough of tele talk. Onto clothing.
Oh 'tis the season for awkward Christmas cards with awkward families posing awkwardly with awkward ugly Christmas sweaters. You know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, you might even have one coming to you in the mail, or you have been a part of one.
Every family has an awkward family photo, and perhaps even a Christmas one. A necessary component of these conversation starters is the all-important ugly Christmas sweater. These extremely artistic pieces reflect the awkwardness a family. They've gained so much popularity, people are even having ugly christmas sweater parties.
I think it's so awesome that people are embracing the "ugly Christmas sweater" phenomenon. It is so nerdy couture. Happy Holidays, from Mika Elan. ;)

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  1. Hahaha, this is super funny..I love the christmas sweater vest...haha and the bow tie is just outta control...