Wednesday, December 15, 2010

awards seasons greetings

Unlike most people, I actually watch award shows.
I know that they are basically a waste of time and money, but I find them very interesting. What will get Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards? Who will get Best Actor/Actress for a Drama/Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes?
Ok, so there may be TOO many award shows out there, but at least I get to speculate and be astonished. Now, I haven't really seen that many, or any, of the nominations for movies, but I certainly have seen most of the TV shows.
Another thing that fascinates me, the red carpet fashion.
I know, I know. Everyone tends to hate that half hour or so before the actual awards show. So, I decided to dissect red carpet fashion a little by looking at what makes a red carpet look a "red carpet" look. Here's what I found:
Floor-Length Hems
I suppose that should be a given. About 90% of the dresses there were long.
Even though Christina Hendricks and Halle Berry are definite hotties, their dresses added to their bombshell statuses.
Solid Colors
Yep. Not a lot of patterns happening on the red carpet.
Super High Heels
Ouch. At least they don't have to walk around that much. I think.

Well, I didn't get very far with my research. Basically, red carpet dresses are all very similar. Fortunately, there are certain celebs that choose to wear pieces that are truly unique and don't necessarily fit the "red carpet" style.
These lovely ladies chose to twist the normal red carpet-ware by choosing dresses that are truly different. Notice how both are floor length and Ms. Barrymore's is solid color. Both are somewhat odd, especially Barrymore's, but still very beautiful.
So, if you refuse to watch the Golden Globes or any awards show for that matter, please consider watching the few upcoming. Think of what I've said here and look for the "red carpet" style in each dress. I'm sure most of them will fit all of the parameters. ;)

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