Monday, August 8, 2011

i'm baaaaaaa-aaaaaaaack

Hi :)

So I've been away to an amazing art camp called CSSSA (California State Summer School of the Arts) for the past 4 weeks, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. There, I studied animation at CalArts, which has completely opened my eyes as to what I may pursue as a career. I've become a much more outgoing person, as well as a crazier artist. Here's some photos I took:

I absolutely loved the creative, insanely artistic people I was surrounded by at CSSSA. I loved meeting students in other departments, which were music, film, theater, visual arts, dance, and creative writing. This is a picture from "the sublevel" of CalArts, which is an entire floor of art-covered walls. 

I loved going to the sublevel and seeing how it was constantly being painted over by someone else. Unfortunately, I didn't paint / draw something in the sublevel, but many of my friends did. I should have :-/

mother monster :)

One of my friends painted this. I met a lot of fellow Whovians. It was magical. 

In one dorm room, a post-it Mario suddenly appeared. 

One of my super cool roommates and me. 

There were several field trips offered by CSSSA, including a trip to Disneyland. We also saw Les Miserables and went to the Getty Museum.

I'm pretty sure I was saying "oh crap" at this exact moment on the ride. (I'm wearing the pink/red shirt in the back)

At the Gettyyyyyy lookin at stuffffffff.

More Whovian amazingness.

The animation department went to Olvera Street in LA to draw everything we could. We drew tourists, street vendors, and the awesome architecture. I found this amazing Last Supper / Scarface painting for sale, but I stopped myself from buying it. I should have bought it. 


A cute lil snail.

A fellow animator drew me. :) 

Another fellow animator drew me. I like modeling. :)

Some of my artwork from one of the first life drawing classes. 

A paper puppet of a 50s gurrrrl. 

Some cut out frames from my final animation project. I put them all together and it made a super cool effect. Don't worry, I'll post a video of my final project. Eventually. 

Walkin all togetha.

We totally look like we're in an ad for Urban Outfitters.

Sunset in the background. I miss y'all dearly :)


Stress + Insanity + Love + Fun + Art = CSSSA

I hope you enjoyed these pix! Contact me for questions, comments, and other stuff. Stay beautiful! (hi lucy)

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