Wednesday, July 6, 2011

cute little drawings

I've been painting with watercolor a lot recently. Here are my drawings:

A McQueen "lobster claw" shoe. Alexander McQueen is a huge inspiration to me as an artist. He is by far my favorite designer, and always will be!

Mother Monster! This is from Lady Gaga's famous music video for "Telephone." 

Katy Perry! I love her cute blue hair.

Another McQueen garment. This is a striped red and blue jacket that debuted a couple years ago. 

Nickiiiii Minajjjj. One of the few female rappers around.

Even though I don't really like her music, I love Rihanna's red hair and Barbados roots. 

Notice something about all these inspirations? They all have stayed true to themselves and been quite unique in the world of fashion and pop culture. ;)

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