Tuesday, June 28, 2011

nerd capital of the world

I am super upset. In early march or may or whatever, the ticket sales for Comic Con went on sale and instantly sold out. I wasn't near a computer to buy tickets at the time, so I didn't get any tickets. I ALWAYS go to Comic Con. Siiiggghhhhh... Since I'm not going this year, I thought I should make a list of the things I will miss dearly.

I will miss the wonderful cosplayers. What is cosplay, you say? Cosplay is when you dress up as a character from a book, movie, video game, etc. and then act like him/her while you're in costume. There are thousands of cosplayers at Comic Con that love getting their pictures taken, so why not pose with Superman? Or maybe gangsta Darth Vader? Who knows who you'll meet at that extraordinary convention.

Yep, that's Stan Lee.... Celebrities are a big part of the Comic Con experience. They provide glamour (and even more insanity) to the annual event in San Diego. Just last year I met the cast of Being Human and the talented actor Zachary Quinto. The year before, I saw the cast of Glee, Heroes, and the icon Stan Lee himself at a few different panels. Panels are informational sessions where casts of movie/shows, writers, comic book artists, etc. talk about upcoming movies, books, and numerous other projects. The audience usually gets to ask questions, which can be very entertaining, especially if an enthusiastic fan professes their love to a celebrity, or some other attendee asks a very specific question about episode 12 of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica.

This make look like just some more cosplayers, but they are part of an event called the Masquerade. This is when a large number of brave cosplayers perform a short skit in front of an audience and are then judged on their costuming craftsmanship by an esteemed panel of costume professionals. I only went once to this fantastic event, and I nearly died... of awesomeness. Even though it goes on well past 12am, I absolutely loved seeing the costume creators and they're usually humorous skits. Some outfits were bad, some were good, and some were impeccably made.

If you've ever gone to Comic Con, you would know that you get bags and bags full of free stuff. Posters, keychains, postcards, but usually fliers. I remember one time I got a little container of hand sanitizer that was given out to promote the movie Zombieland, and in another instance my friend (who was also in the Pokemon video) and I got to show our superhero strength by lifting a  mini van for the television show No Ordinary Family. Plus, I always sell my Comic Con swag on eBay, which usually proves to be very profitable.

Because I love to draw and paint all the time, I always make my way over to the artist section on the main floor of Comic Con. There, you can meet comic book artists, illustrators, and other very talented individuals. Some of the most unique artists can be found there. Who knows, maybe I'll get a booth there someday!

Latest and Greatest
This goes hand in hand with the booths, but I feel this deserves it's own section. At Comic Con, you will find the "latest and greatest" in every possible realm of nerdom. For example, last time I went to the convention, I got to try the video game Just Dance 2 before it went on the market. While this may just seem like a way for businesses to bring they're products to Comic Con attendees (and that applies to the whole event), it really is so much fun to see the "latest and greatest" stuff before everyone else does. The picture above shows the booth for The Walking Dead, in which you could take pictures with grotesque zombies. Cool, eh?

Well there's what I'm going to miss about Comic Con. If you go, however, I am forever jealous of you. Please feel free to post what you like most about the annual "nerd prom" in sunny San Diego.

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