Friday, June 17, 2011

gotta catch em all

When I was about 4 years old, I became obsessed with Pokemon. I even had my mom memorize all 151 names and pictures that I had displayed on a poster in my room. However, I grew out of that faze of nerdom and went on to play Neopets and watch Heroes, which I also later grew out of. Now I design cosplay costumes and sulk about not going to Comic Con. (sigh)
Anyways, my friend and I decided to relive our love of Pokemon by creating an awesome video that was greatly inspired by this wonderful YouTube video:

So here's our version:

Whataya think?
Because I am very very bored, here are some other links full of nerdy-goodness and such. Enjoy :)

  1. Nerdometer Test -- Think you're super nerdy? Think again.
  2. Project : Rooftop -- Basically, it's Project Runway for comic book artists, in which they totally revamp classic superheroes' well-known outfits.
  3. Addicting Games -- While this website isn't necessarily "nerdy" it sure is fun. 
  4. Smosh -- Hilarious and entertaining, Smosh has even created their take on the Pokemon theme song.
  5. Awkward Family Photos  -- If you think your family can be a little strange, think again.
  6. Top 25 Geeks in Movies -- Self-explanatory awesomeness
  7. SP Studio -- Make yourself into a South Park character!
  8. 5 of the World's Biggest (and Most Worrisome) Toy Collections -- This truly scares me...
  9. Hipstery -- Want a mystery hipster shirt? 
  10. Famous Mii Characters -- For when you're super, duper bored.
See ya later! :)

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