Thursday, October 7, 2010

twitter is SO not overrated

I have a TWITTER account:
Yeah, I am that cool.
So I was on there the other day and I noticed I have officially FIVE followers. I was so ecstatic. Now I have three. It turns out two of them were really set up to get me to travel to Las Vegas. That sentence had a lot of "to"s.
Anyways, I looked up each one and two of them really made me feel awesome inside:
And yes, they are actual people.
Steve owns a company called "Lolita-Girl" which sells '50s and pin-up inspired clothing.
Here's the link: Their clothing is really cute! You gotta check it out! ;)
Raed owns a company called "Cardelicious" which sells awesome greeting cards.
Here's the site: There are even cards with BEING HUMAN peeps!
Anyways, I just really wanted to talk about them cuz I ACTUALLY HAVE FOLLOWERS!
Enjoy mah peeps ;)
There are 7 "to"s in this blog entry. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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  1. That bunny card is hilareous! I'll have to check out cardelicious.