Sunday, October 24, 2010

artistic inspirations

If you hadn't known already, I am on Here's mah link:
There are a lot of true artists on deviantArt. I really would like to acknowledge them, and hopefully they will look at my blog lol. ;)
Well, here they are!

Bigmouth Strikes Again by Ryan Steven Martin (ToLiveAndDieInLA)

newest post to deviantart!
also: layout change. it’s not totally done yet but it’s mostly finished. the other one stretched out my drawings to unpleasant extremes sometimes, not to mention that i find making layouts oddly therapeutic :] here’s to hoping someone else isn’t going to insta-ripoff the whole thing (ahem). and hey - awesome news! i received a payment for some work i did and was able to purchase a new super computer from it, which i chose to order in separate parts… and they’ve all arrived! tomorrow morning is building-computer-time, thanks to my technology-savvy boyfriend. the birth of my lean mean animation machine 8D

Velvet by Lois Van Baarle (Loish)

Hesychasm by Emmanuel Laflamme (quartertofour)

"Waiter, by Nomi Chi (God of Insects)

Something's Wrong Here by Lauren Henderson (Luve)


Little Elephant Collectors by Aaron Jasinski

Pablito by Filippo and Giacomo Consolati

Fleshing Out by Jason Levesque (stuntkid)
And see his wife's artwork here:

That's all I'm doing so far. I will post more artists later!
Enjoy and Explore mah peeps. ;)


  1. Hi, so much interesting, thanks for sharing.
    Have fun, ciao!

  2. heilĂ  fantastic girl! A thousand of thanks for post my Pablito here!!