Saturday, October 2, 2010

charlie is so cool like....

If you love hot, young British guys with nerdy interests and do totally silly (but awesome) stuff, you must check out Charlie McDonnell. Also known as: Charlieissocoollike.
Seriously, I could watch his videos FOR HOURS, which is partially due to the fact that he's adorable and has a dreamy British accent, but also because he's hilarious and positively quirky.
Reasons to watch his youtube videos and check out his website:
1. Very, very funny. Wow, I just made it sound bland.
2. He reads your comments. Which reminds me, PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BLOG!
3. He likes Doctor Who. He even ate custard and fishsticks.
4. He is British, which just makes him more interesting (aka sexy accent).
5. He has seriously RUBY RED hair. No joke.
6. He is part of a band called Sons of Admirals, which unfortunately isn't on iTunes.
7. He is adorable. ;)
Here is his website:
Here is his youtube channel:
Check him out!!! ;)

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