Thursday, August 12, 2010

modern gypsy

Most people do not know Miss Li, but through commercials and other forms of the media, they have probably heard her songs.
One of her most popular songs is "Bourgeois Shangri-La," which was featured on an iPhone commercial.
"Oh Boy" was in some Volvo commercial last year, and "True Love Stalker" was in an ad for Desperate Housewives. So, who is Miss Li?
Miss Li, or Linda Carlsson, is a Swedish singer who's style of music has changed from album to album. Her lesser known album "Songs of a Rag Doll" features tunes that may appeal to a modern gypsy, whereas her most recent album "Dancing the Whole Way Home" is more for a modern teenage girl. My favourite songs of hers are "Stupid Girl," "Polythene Queen," and "Ba Ba Ba."
All of her songs are on iTunes and more information about her is on her website:
Miss Li's music is really, really fun so please enjoy! ;)

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