Friday, August 20, 2010

fall trends 2010

Fall is coming (unfortunately) which means a new fashion season. I would like anyone who is reading this (which is probably no one) to please stay away from being "trendy." Instead, try to be unique and different with a trendy spin. Here are the trends and helpful info:
Leather Jackets: This fall staple can be very costly depending on the brand or label.
The top picture is of a Diane von Furstenberg 'Alphie" Leather Jacket which costs $695 at Nordstrom. The bottom one is a Miss Sixty Faux Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket which costs $78 at the same store.
See what I mean?
Leopard Print: Use it as accents, rather than an entire outfit of leopard-ness.

The top shoes are American Eagle Leopard Ballet Flats that cost about $25. In the middle is a Foiled Leopard Print Burnout Tee from Forever 21, about $14. Last is a Wet Seal outfit. This is wayyyyy too much leopard. Remember, less is more.
Last trend is lace lace lace: Make it sophisticated and tasteful.
At the top is a Pins and Needles Lace Dress from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, they do not sell it anymore on the website. The bottom piece, however, is a lace and leopard print top from Wet Seal.
Tacky? Yes.
Have fun this fall season with tasteful and affordable trends! ;)

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