Sunday, September 11, 2011

worst of the worst

Hello Sweetie! (Doctor Who reference... don't ask)
Remember that post about fabulous homecoming dresses? Well here are the worst ones I found, and yes, there are plenty.
And no, I'm not telling you where I found them, because I'm saving you from buying them.

I wonder which short, infamously-orange, Jersey resident she is trying to look like. Hmmmm....

Skirt = gold spray-painted trash bag 

This is one of the cheapest looking dresses I've ever seen. It looks like it's made of colored plastic wrap over blue tissue paper. 

Turquoise One Shoulder Dresses

This must be related to the one above. They're the cheap ugly blue fabric, one-shoulder mini-dress twins.

I love her creepy facial expression. The sleeve looks like it's lined with duck tape. 

Celeste-Black/Fuchsia Homecoming Dress

What is this monstrosity.

This isn't how you design a choker neckline dress. It's not actually supposed to choke someone. 

Oh dear gawd..

Black Strapless Cocktail Dresses

It's amazing how unflattering this dress is. Puckering cheap fabric along the middle of one's body is the worst way to show it off. 

Luminous Tie-Shoulder Dress

Tight, one-shoulder bib dress-- For more modest individuals

Super hyper colorful twins. They seem very happy. 

Super extreme shoulder pad = not always flattering with a super tight mini-dress

Wow that's bad. I'm still in shock someone would let their daughter/relative/friend/facebook friend/acquaintance wear this horrific-ness.

I hope you enjoyed that ugliness. See you next time sweetie! :)

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