Monday, April 11, 2011

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In television news, the end of one of the many TV shows that I religiously watch came to an end on March 20th. That show was Big Love. There is no doubt that I will miss the notoriously disfunctional family that is the Henricksons. Even though the last episode did show a little bit of the family's life after the death of patriarch Bill, I would have love to seen even more. Farewell, Big Love. :(

"Game over man, game over."

Now if you love British television as much as I do, then you must watch Being Human and Doctor Who. If you do indeed watch these shows, you HAVE to know that Being Human just had its finale and Doctor Who will be returning on April 23rd. So basically, if you watch those shows but didn't know the previous information there is something seriously wrong with you.

Now if you do not watch Doctor Who or Being Human there is something even more wrong with you. You can't really understand how great these shows are if you don't watch them. It's like saying that you don't like a certain food, but you haven't even tried it; you may indeed like that food. So I urge you to please consider watching these shows.

Let's see... What else has been happening in television...

There's a new adorable couple on The Office! Well actually, they've been quite cute every since they first fell in love, but everything just got a whole lot crazier in the hit comedy. That's right, Michael Scott and Holly Flax are engaged! Ok, we still all love Jim, Pam, and baby Cece, but it has been about time that Michael finally starts a family of his own. You can see the proposal here:
Cute ain't it?

So who's going to be the new Scranton Regional Manager? None other than Will Ferrell! This should be nothing less of pure insanity.
Personally, I can't wait to see what happens on these awesome TV shows. We'll just have to wait and see. :)

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