Monday, April 11, 2011

i just missed your heart

In just the past couple of weeks I have seen a few movies, so I thought, "Hey, maybe I should blog about them." So I did. And you're reading my reviews right now.

If you think that Rango is just another kid's movie, it isn't. This is partly due to the fact that most kids movies that are available right now are, well, mediocre. You probably also believe that if a kids movie isn't Disney or Pixar, it must be stupid and not "magical." Well you, my friend, are completely wrong. Rango definitely exceeding my expectations when it came to humor, action, cinematography, and originality. Even though a lot of computer animated characters are somewhat non-believable, Rango certainly wasn't.
One of the elements that I loved but other critics didn't enjoy was the use of adult jokes that were almost "slipped in" during the dialogue. Think back to when you were a little kid and you used to watch Looney Tunes, Spongebob, etc. If you watched them now, you would notice a lot of inconspicuous jokes that would just pass over your head as a kid. There are several of those type of jokes throughout the movie, which added to the genuine humor of the movie. So basically, it's fun for all ages. :)

(This is just for you, Imani)

One day I was looking at what was playing on HBO and I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid was one of my choices. Naturally I thought, "Ummmmmmmm nope," but then I remembered my dear friend Imani loved the series so I decided to watch it. Halfway through the film, I thought, "Hmm, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be." So by the end of the movie, I kinda really enjoyed it. I could definitely see the influence that John Hughes' famous teen movies had on Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and yet it still had a very different style.
A couple weeks later I went to go see the sequel (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules) at the theater, and, of course, it was pretty awesome, like the original. However, I wouldn't recommend seeing the second film without seeing the first one.

On a completely darker note, last Saturday I went to the movies (again) to go see Hanna, which is about the daughter of a secret agent and her fight for survival. See, I knew that it was going to be somewhat violent, but not nearly as intense as it turned out to be. Now I won't reveal too much about the movie, but I will say that if you can handle as much violence as there was in Kick-Ass, then you could watch Hanna. Besides the obvious violence, the film really does deliver with its acting, cinematography, and visual-extravagance. If you love the Bourne series, then I strongly recommend this movie for you.

So, I hope you enjoyed these few movie reviews! Please check out my other blog posts. :)

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