Wednesday, March 2, 2011

red carpet rant

Yes, of course I watched the Oscars! What a silly question....
I was actually pretty surprised this year; there were some pretty awesome dresses on the red carpet!
And yes, here's a list of my faves:
I was surprised to see Gwyneth Partlow in something so different. Don't get me wrong, she usually wears something pretty to the red carpet, but I especially liked this Calvin Klein dress she wore last Sunday. It's almost futuristic, which, of course, I love. :)

Even though this gown is very revealing, it is not too provocative. In fact, Mila Kunis looked fabulous in this lavender Elie Saab dress. However, this style of gown isn't for everyone. You have to really love the "romantic" look to work this dress.

This is Hailee Steinfeld in a Marchesa that she co-designed. Seriously, I would die to create a one of a kind dress with a famous designer. And what can I say? This is simply adorable.

I absolutely love this Givenchy dress that Cate Blanchett wore to the Academy Awards. It's really neat to see that Givenchy chose to experiment with the interesting structure of samurai-like armour and a truly unique color combination. I seriously encourage you to look at this collection on the Givenchy website.

Amy Adams wore a L/Wren Scott gown to the event last Sunday. I thought it was really neat and almost futuristic, like Partlow's. Maybe even a little Star Trek-ish, eh?

What would a red carpet be without a little Chanel? Michelle Williams decided to wear one of those famously chic gowns, which, of course, looked fantastic on her. Mark my word, Williams will become even more of a trendsetter and fashion icon than she is now.

So that's it for now! Don't worry, I'll rant more about stuff next time! :)

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