Sunday, November 14, 2010

passion for fashion

Haven't blogged in a while. :(
In other news, the season finale of Project Runway was so disappointing. It was clearly obvious who the TRUE winner should have been! *cough* Mondo *cough*

I loved Mondo's collection the best out of the three, but alas he didn't win. In fact, the judges were split with their opinions. Ultimately, Gretchen won with her bohemian style clothing (shown below).
In other fashion news, I found another awesome website called Garmz. On this site, aspiring designers can show they're fashion sketches and hopefully rack up points from other designers. When the design gets a lot of hype, it is the considered to be made into an actual garment, and it will eventually be sold on the website.
Of course I have an account on there:
If you join, please vote for my design! ;)

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